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Leveraging sales and transforming business.

We have been in the high performance sales market since 2014. We are an organization commited to customer acquision practices, leaning on the most updated technology to promote a more optimized and smarter purchase experience.



Achieving excellence in our operations in Brazil, through advanced technologies plus a high-qualified team. At M2, there is a synergy in all departments, so we can get the best results of the market and put your business ahead of competitors.


Our Values

To operate in the sales market with integrity and plenitude, we believe professionalism and ethics are essentials. Not only institutionally in our processes, but also in people management. These are non-negotiable values which dictate indispensable attitudes and behaviors in the corporate atmosphere at M2.


Our Goals

It is unavoidable to speak about goals without mentioning growth. However, M2 looks further ahead, since we increase the value of our clients' businesses, through the delivery of the most advanced in tech services, web systems, information management and communication planning. We want to be a benchmark for the high performance sales market, presenting high conversion rates, combining technology and people.


Our Vision

To seal partnerships with diversified industries nationwide and overseas and to expand our technology abroad in order to exchange intelligence and then contribute to our business future.

Our Leadership

Claudio Mussalam

Claudio Mussalam

Founder and Partner-Director

"To transform lives! This was the reason I have become an entrepreneur. To change my life, my family's, my employee's and my client's. To see M2 getting off the ground and being today a 200-employee organization, which operates with market intelligence in a growing market and exceeds expectations monthly, is really motivating and transforming. Likewise technology, my partner and I don't stop either. We constantly seek major challenges. All I see in M2 today was already an idea in my entrepreneurial mind. And if I was brave enough to make this happen, I am fully able to make our client's dreams come true."

Richard Mussalam

Richard Mussalam


"To dream big is definitely the nourishment of one's soul and business. To dream is an important and vital role to build a solid organization and in constant expansion. Equally is my path at M2. I have often sought knowledge and capacitation to ensure my and my partner's dreams came true. Therefore, I have formed and trained a high-qualified team. People who trace the same path I have done: making it happen. I believe that together we are able to innovate, create, manage and always exceed our expectations, with dedication, planning and hard work. In the end, we attract only partners who have affinity with our ideology. Our DNA is quite clear: we are all here for the same ideal, we are all M2!"

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