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After five years in the high-performing sales market, we are a performance-based customer acquisition company that uses technology and data to enable more intelligent and optimized purchasing experiences.


UX Design


To build our partners' websites, our company relies on a highly trained team of professionals, which develop quality pieces, always looking forward to fulfilling the specific needs of each client by adopting concepts and good design practices. We want to ensure that our partners receive not only a program that meets their expectations but a layout capable of transmitting the DNA of their companies. Our team goes through the stages of briefing, creation, finalization, and delivery, guaranteeing that you obtain a project that is as complete as possible. Usability is our specialty because we understand that a good site can offer easy navigation and great interactivity according to the segment of each business.

UX Design


Marketing is what guides the performance of the company's activities and ensures good results. M2 understands the importance of this service and provides better application strategies for each one of its customers. We live in a fully digital era, and our efforts are directed to Digital Marketing and its campaign channels, aiming at generating effective leads. With the development of accurate strategies, the service allows the client to be served through digital communication channels, reaching their potential customers where they are and in the way that impacts them the most. We apply the necessary concepts of Inbound Marketing and Relationship Marketing.

UX Design


Indispensable in the Business Marketing department, Conversion Optimization is approached with great particularity at M2. We develop the service in a fully structured and systematic way to improve the performance of the website, extracting more visitors than the page already has. Through resources optimization used at M2, it is possible to increase conversions without necessarily increasing the number of visitors. Our main goal is to reduce unnecessary friction, making the visitor's path to conversion more fluid.

UX Design


The term "sell" is part of M2's vocabulary and its routine. We are motivated by our clients' goals. For this reason, we make bold sales and are constantly seeking to go beyond the limits when closing a transaction. Through our Customer Service Channels and all our Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Technology, and Innovation work, we reach our purpose: making expressive sales. Our telesales center offers receptive calls to convert more and more leads. "Our professionals are trained to understand well the product and/or service they sell and are driven to serve customers according to their needs and especially active in achieving goals", Richard Mussalam, Managing Partner.

UX Design


In our company, Technology and Innovation are the words that drive us. We understand the importance of maintaining a skilled team to develop and provide the best software and to ensure that the websites satisfy the demand of navigability and sales of our customers. Innovating to produce efficient communication channels, such as chatbots, for example, offers the client a guarantee of a 24-hour support platform - and not just any kind of assistance, but a well-designed one. All our projects are idealized and developed, considering the needs and particularity of each company, comprehending its segment, and establishing individualized improvements. We build the platforms by analyzing the differentials that our partners need to boost their business.


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