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We have been in the high performance sales market for more than 5 years. We are an organization committed to customer acquisition practices, using the most updated technology to promote a more optimized and smarter purchase experience.

How We Do

UX Design

UI/UX Design

In order to build client's websites, M2 relies on high-qualified professionals who are in charge of developing pieces of excellence, always aiming the specific needs of each client and adopting design concepts and good practices. We want to guarantee that our clients receive not only programming that fulfils their needs, but also a layout that is able to convey their business DNA properly. Our team is committed to deliver results in all project steps: briefing, creation, completion and presentation. Usability is our specialty, since we understand that a good website is the one that is easy to navigate and interact with.

UX Design

Digital Performance Marketing

Marketing guides business performance and ensures results. M2 understands its importance, for this reason we offer the best marketing strategies for each client. We now live in the Digital Age, where the efforts are focused on bringing warm leads to a business. With measured strategies, our team guarantees clients needs, using digital communication channels and, thus, achieving potential clients. We apply Inbound and Relationship marketing in all of our initiatives.

UX Design

Conversion Optimization

Essential to the Marketing department, the Conversion Optimization service is particularly approached in M2. We develop this service in a structured and systematic way, in order to improve website performance and to bring to it the best traffic ever. With the M2 optimization resources, it is possible to increase conversion, but without necessarily increasing website visitors. Our main goal is to reduce bounce rate and to facilitate the customer conversion path.

UX Design

High Sales Performance

Selling is in our DNA. We are motivated by exceeding our clients goals. For this reason, we always seek for bold sales. To achieve them, we rely on our effective communication channels services, marketing hard work, conversions optimization, technology and innovation. Our contact centers offer inbound/outbound calls to convert leads increasingly. "Our people are highly trained to understand about the product/service they sell, and they're motivated to fulfil our clients needs, specially the targets", Richard Mussalam, M2 Partner-Director.

UX Design

Innovation and Technology

At M2, Innovation and Technology drive us all. We understand the importance of retaining a qualified team to develop and provide the best softwares to our clients, in order to ensure that the websites meet the navigability and final sales demands. The innovation of producing efficient communication channels, ie. chatbots, offers to the final user a 24/7 support. All of our projects are idealized and developed according to particular clients' needs. We build platforms after analyzing the opportunities that are present to leverage their business.

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